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E-Book Publishing Services

We perform end-to-end digitial publishing for you from beginning to end and can transform your manuscript or print book into a world-class eBook in less than a week.

  • Reach more readers instantly.
  • Retain your publishing rights.
  • Reduce your publishing costs.
  • Increase your audience and grow your book sales.

Excellence in eBook publishing.

Featured Client

"Benise: The Notes Less Traveled - My Journey of Music, Love, and Life", Benise

Your E-Book. Your way.

Benise: The Notes Less Traveled - My Journey of Music, Love, and Life

Now available on Amazon, Apple ITunes, and on his website at!

In celebration of his 10 year anniversary world tour, world-renowned Spanish guitarist Benise has released his debut novel, "Benise: The Notes Less Traveled - My Journey of Music, Love, and Life" in both print and eBook format, now available on Amazon, Apple I-Tunes, and on his website at

Dubbed the "Prince of Spanish Guitar", Benise has appeared on such popular shows as "Dancing With the Stars" and has filmed a widely successful concert performance on PBS.

Your book matters deeply to you, and it matters to us as well. Taevo's goal is to make sure that message gets to as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible.

Read more about how Taevo converted Benise's print book into an eBook for all platforms, and find out how you can do the same!

Explore past and future creations.

Our In House Magic.

Abused and Abandoned by Joyce Mayo
Goddess of Flames by T. Aries
Too Late To Turn Back by Joyce Mayo
Universes of A Creator by T. Aries
Love Guides Me by Joyce Mayo
In the Garden by Shemayne S.
The Black and White Truth About Our Publishing Power by Tamara Mayo
A,E,I,O,U and Sometimes Y by Joyce Mayo
Light Out of Darkness (WT) by D'Auvion Mayo
The Adventures of Superhero Simone by Alecia Mayo
Seasons of Awakening by Zipporah Taylor

These are the authors and books we publish internally. Get closer to your favorite authors and find out what they're working on.

We write and publish genres ranging from Urban and Supernatural Fiction to Poetry to Children's Books, and our e-books are available with most retailers, including Amazon, B&N, and Kobo. Get them from the Taevo bookstore for a discount, and join our VIP Membership Club for more savings!

Distinguished writing for all mediums.

Additional services inlude:

  • Editing 
  • Planning and crafting the storyboards for visual media 
  • Writing proposals for grants and other funding for your project

Professional Writing Services

Don't feel like writing? We'll do it for you! Do you have an idea, but need help writing it? We'll take care of you.

"I don't know how" is no longer an excuse to keep your ideas bottled up inside. You live in a world full of talented writers who want nothing more than to help you express your message in your true voice.

We use our writing talents to help you shine and blossom as a creator. Our writing services cover:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Corporate Writing
  • Industry Specific Articles
  • Website Content
  • Presentations
  • Scripts
  • Proposals

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Words have the power to inspire greatness in others.

Consultation Services

Have questions about writing or publishing? We have all of your answers and help is right in front of you. When it comes to publishing your book, you have questions and we have answers. Sign up to speak to a publishing expert and get all of your concerns addressed.

For the month of December ONLY, you will receive a ONE HOUR CONSULTATION with a writing and publishing expert FOR ONLY $25! That's an ADDITIONAL 30 MINUTES for FREE! Sign up for your slot now because they're filling up fast!

The benefits include:

  • A personalized, one-on-one experience crafted specifically for your needs.
  • Connect to publishing experts (book cover designers, editors, marketers, etc.) through our trusted referral network.
  • After your consultation you will receive literature - including an audio copy of the consultation - that contains valuable information that guides you confidently through each step of the publishing process.
  • Gain access to insider information that gives you an edge in marketing, promotion, and building your publishing team.

Consultation Length

Create and inspire together.

Plug In 

Our community needs you! The people and companies that know how to create and aren't afraid to try bold, fresh ideas. Let us know who you are and what you do. We want to collaborate with you on fresh, new projects and refer you to new clients as well. When we come together, we are bigger than an idea. We are bigger than our own companies. Once we join forces on an amazing project, we become more than a team. We become a nation and a force to be reckoned with.

We believe that when our work and efforts are put together, we as authors, publishers, producers, designers, and most importantly, God's children, have the power to directly fight the negativity that is flooding the world, and we invite you to join us to take back control of the hearts and minds of our people for future generations. What will you bring to the table?

Featured Blogs

Is Your Manuscript Ready For Submission?

There are many common mistakes that authors make which result in their manuscripts getting rejected. You will read everywhere about the staggering odds you must overcome to be accepted by a traditional publisher. Oftentimes, that chance is messed up before we even face those odds. Publishers, editors, reviewers, and agents have read hundreds, if not thousands, of manuscripts and the most frequent error seen is not regarding whether it’s good or not; the work they submit is properly formatted.

Everything You Need To Know About Ghostwriting Pt. 3: Who Takes Credit For The Book?

One of the most common questions constantly asked by those seeking to hire a ghostwriter is: "Who takes credit for the work? Do I own it or does the ghostwriter?"

If you run across a ghostwriter who claims that you must allow them to take partial ownership, or who claims that they legally have the right to, run the other way before signing a contract and paying them any money! They are more than likely trying to take advantage of what you don't know.

There still appears to be some confusion out there regarding ownership when working with a ghostwriter, so this particular piece is designed to clear up all the myths and ensure you walk away knowing this fact...

5 Things You Never Say To A Publisher

Honest question: when you find yourself at the same networking event as a publisher, or editor for a publishing house, do you know how to give the best first impression possible? The kind of first impression that makes them remember you and have their people reach out to yours in the future.  

I know that everyone means well. It's just that no one has been taught the truth about your face-to-face impression with a publisher (no matter how big or small the publishing house): you either appear as a knowledgeable and empowered professional worth looking into later, or as an ill-informed novice that probably won't be remembered.

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